Adekate Lodge Resources 

Documents to complete and return to Adekate Lodge:

UC Camping Special Diets List


Handy information for your planning:

 Adekate Site Map

Adekate Lodge Floorplan buildings

Adekate Lodge Room Allocation

Adekate Activities (coming soon)

Adekate Camp Handbook – Catered (coming soon)

Adekate Sample Catered Menu

Adekate Camp Handbook – Self-Catered (coming soon)


Risk Management Planning:

UC Camping First Aid Policy 

UC Camping Bushire Policy

UC Camping Alcohol Bond & Cleaning Policy 

UC Camping Child Protection Declaration

UC Camping Child Protection Code of Conduct

UC Camping Public & Products Liability Policy

UC Camping Australian Camps Association Membership Certificate – Adekate Lodge

UC Camping Quality Tourism Accredition Certificate – Adekate Lodge

UC Camping Coronavirus letter

UC Camping Staff and Provider Information