Shane Maycock, Camberwell Girls Grammar School

“Having an organisation that understands what happens one year to the next enables better outcomes for our students.”

Melissa Etherton, Xavier College, Burke Hall

“The instructors are excellent: warm, friendly, direct, engaging and straight to the point! Very knowledgeable as well.”

Hollie Dunstan, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School

“The pre-camp site tour confirmed it would be a safe and comfortable place like home for our Year 5 students.”

Jennifer Leigh, Year 7 Level Co-ordinator & Head of Ward House 7 & 8
Loreto College

We are so happy with the Year 7 program at Camp Adekate that we are developing an innovative new program for our Year 8’s.”

Nicole Latham
Oxley College

“Merricks allows us to run 3 different program streams in scuba, surfing and boating which caters for all our students.”

Hollie Dunstan, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School

“Our Year 5 students loved Grantville’s camp leaders, and still talk about the Survivor Challenge.”

Lina De Fazio, Brunswick North Primary School

“Adekate staff are very warm, taking the time to engage for a joke and a laugh with the students.”

Jay Henderson, Director of Outdoor Education, Xavier College

“It’s a rarity to have a camp that specialises in quality aquatic programs, that we can utilise for Year 7 and Year 10 students.”