Imagine being out in the bush and something goes wrong – a bad cut, snake bite, a sprain or broken bone ….. what would you do?

Recently a group of teachers and leaders undertook a five day Wilderness First Aid course at Merricks to prepare for such an eventuality.

“Wilderness First Aid is becoming a big thing,” according to Adam Kershaw, the CEO and Founder of Survive First Aid, whose organisation conducted the training. “It’s very empowering for people to know what to do, with only the basics to survive, and do them really well.”

His organisation has trained groups all over Australia, from students to expedition leaders, doctors and paramedics.

Survive First aid run:

*  3 day Face to Face Remote Area First Aid Course with pre course learning modules is equivalent to a 60 Hour Course based on the nominal hours of delivery.

*  4 Day Face to Face Wilderness First Aid Area Course with pre course learning modules is equivalent to a 80 Hour Course on the nominal hours of delivery.

Adam, who has worked on expeditions around the world, says Australia is unique in terms of survival in the wilderness. Not surprisingly, there is a big focus on bites and stings in the training!

According to Adam, Merricks is an ideal location for running the course, because it has easy access to a variety of outdoor settings, including the beach and the bush, along with great training rooms, accommodation and meals.

For more information on Adam and his business, go to his website here: https://www.survivefirstaid.com.au/


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