Meet the Grantville Team who all enjoy hosting guests from across Australia. Grantville has a diverse workforce comprising of 5 full time, 1 part time and approx. 20 casual staff with all team members coming with various backgrounds hosting an array of skills.   



Matt Quick joined the team in August 2012 as the Assistant Manager and took over as Site Manager in 2019 when his wife Bel went on Maternity leave. He came to UC Camping with many years of experience as a programmer, and in the Environmental Science Field. He has a passion for the Outdoors in particular Rock climbing, snowboarding and sea kayaking, he also loves the grounds and maintenance side of operating a site. As the Site Manager he manages the day-to-day running of the site. He is responsible for the success of your stay and the performance of the staff team. “I enjoy working with my team and with providing our guests with a unique stay”, he says. “I’ve worked in a variety of locations across Australia and working at a coastal venue comes with great opportunities for everyone.”



Belinda Pechotsch joined the site in 2012 and soon put her own stamp on this unique location. Bel managed the site until she and Matt became parents in 2019. Bel currently works part time at the site. Bel’s breadth of experience of the site is second-to-none and has been key in the growth and expansion. Working collaboratively with Matt, the two are quite a force to be reckoned with. 

Bel and Matt had their wedding at the site in 2017, they now have 2 beautiful children, Tate and Sophie.



Stacey has worked at UC Camping for 10 years. Her passion for food is demonstrated in every menu she creates and meal she serves. It takes time to plan a menu to suit all the different personal dietary needs, especially when you can have up to 50% of a group needing a different menu. Furthermore, Stacey’s experience shines in her planning, often well in advance, to design nutritious meals that incorporate the healthiest option to suit all guests. Because of Stacey’s own food allergies, she is vigilant to ensure all guests have the food that they need.


Stefan came to UC Camping at the start of 2021 as hales from the United Kingdom. His experience is extensive in all areas of programming. More importantly, he has a genuinely friendly manner and approachability which is above all, a hit with our guests who are intrigued by his accent and his ‘jokes’.


Program staff are specifically trained for the activities that Grantville Lodge have to offer and ensure the delivery of safe and memorable sessions.


Grantville Lodge are blessed with a fabulous team who keep the campsite running. Our general services team can turn their hand to anything – food preparation, serving and cleaning. Then once a group leaves, they systematically clean every room, bathroom and general purpose areas. Consequently, we are very proud of what they achieve.

In addition, all of our sites are accredited with:

  • Quality Tourism Australia (click here for more information).
  • Members of The Australian Camping Association (click here for more informaton.)
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire for Prescribed Accommodation, Class 2 Food Licence and Food Bssiness Licence.

UC Camping also conduct regular internal audits including equipment and activity maintenance, risk management, maintenance of buildings, health and hygiene, environmental management and insurance currency. Of course, this is also part of our accreditation.

In conclusion, you can find more information on Grantville Lodge – click here.