It’s important to know what to do if you get lost hiking. So let’s to start with the fundamentals.

Before you leave home

Tell someone where you’re going and give them a plan or fill out a trip intention form, which you can find here. Be really specific about who you’re going with, what route you’re planning, when you’ll be back and what communication devices you’ll have with you. Don’t forget to tell them you’re home safely at the end of the trip.

Be clear with the person who has your trip intention form, what to do if they don’t hear from you eg ‘I’ll be back at my car by 6pm and I’ll have mobile coverage for most of the trip. If you haven’t heard from me by 10pm and you can’t get me on my mobile, please call 000.’

Check you have everything you need

Make sure you’ve packed everything you need including any special items like an extra day of food or an extra set of clothes and definitely a first aid kit.

Check out what Emergency Apps are around and download what you need. You can find a link here. Don’t forget to checkout any smartphone navigation apps that are relevant to where your travelling.

Okay, now you’re ready to headout and start your experience. But then you start to get this niggling feeling that you’re not sure you are where you’re meant to be.

When you realise your lost – what to do first

Stop! I can’t emphasise this enough. Do not plough through hoping you’ll get back on track.

Stop! Now breathe! This is the time to gather your thoughts.

Stop! Breathe! Don’t panic! Keep it together and be calm. Especially if you have others around you.

This isn’t the time to make a rush decision. Hydrate yourself and have a snack so your brain can function properly, methodically and clearly.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you are truly lost, there are two choices to make:

  1. Attempt a self resue
  2. Call emergency services
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