Camping is one of the best ways to travel and experience the great outdoors. Whether you go camping with your school mates, friends, family or partner, you are guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime. So here are our 10 things to love about camping.

1. You can go anywhere

Whether you stay in a caravan park, sleep on the beach or try free camping, there are so many opportunities to travel anywhere and set up your digs.

2. Have 5 star views without a 5 star price tag

How much does a hotel room cost these days? $150 – $300 or even more. With a tent and sleeping bag, you can doss down almost anywhere for next to nothing or even for free.

3. Disconnecting from technology and connecting with nature

Our phones are such an important part of our life. But disconnecting from technology is healthy for all of us. Camping is the perfect place to ge have deep conversations with others, make friends with camping neighbours, enjoy nature and really connect with everything around you. You can even get out a deck of cards and play with the family which is a good bonding activity.

4. Discover the sounds of nature

Part of being in touch with nature is hearing those special sounds of the outdoors. Mapgies chortling, cockatoos flying overhead, breeze rustling the eucalppt leaves. Or perhaps it’s the sound of surf, seagulls squawking, footsteps on the squeaky sound. Or perhaps even a storm and you can hear rain on the tent and thunder in the distance.

5. Time to relax

One of our most popular responses to the question “how’s life?” is “oh busy!”. You can take an organised holiday where every hour on the itinerary is covered. Going theme parks, shopping centres, markets, tourist attractions and more. Or you can chill out and relax. Take the time to ‘just be’ with yourself and your loves ones. Slow down and enjoy the camp cooking, playing games, nature walks and more. And give yourself some headspace from what you left behind at home.

6. Expand your life skills

Whether it’s learning how to light a fire, pitch a tent or cook over a fire – these ane great life skills. But there is also skills such as bird watching, identifying plants / flowers, hiking up a trail safely, creating a fun and safe campsite and more.

7. Try Stargazing

Away from the city lights, the night sky opens up a whole new world. Get yourself a book and learn about the constellations, stars, planets and even satellites. To contradict what was previously said about technology, there are some great websites and apps you can use to track the stars where you’re camping.

8. Notice and appreciate the small things

The small things are often what make camping more enjoyable. Building a nice campfire, setting the chairs around it and pulling out the marshmallows. Or perhaps it’s the sound of the crickets as the sun sets.

There is a great video on the sounds of camping – click here.

9. The food

Camp food always taste so much better. Weather it’s cooked over a fire or on a camp stove, there is always something special about the food we take away with us. Often the food is better than at home. Bringing the cheese, crackers and olives, scroggin snacks throughout the day, hot chocolates bedfore bed. There are always so many great memories of jaffles, toasted marshmallows, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Food is a great way to unite and connect with others you’re camping with as well.

10. Camping creates lasting memories

  • Getting up early to watch the sunrise.
  • Playing cards around the campfire.
  • Watching the moon rise.
  • The smells of food.
  • Kids giggling inside their tent thinking no one can hear them.
  • Frisbee.
  • Night stories (not ghost stories for little kids though).
  • That unexpected encounter with a snake.
  • Playing in rock pools.
  • Building sand castles with a moat.
  • Beach cricket matches.
  • Exploring rainforest walking tracks.
  • Picking a leech off your leg.
  • Making art on the sand with shells.

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