Taking kids away on camp and need some indoor night activities? Well we’ve listed 10 of the most favourite that teachers run at our camps (indoors). Tip is to plan and prepare well in advance and make sure you have the right props and materials for each of the activities below. For a link to Top 10 Camping Outdoor Night Activities, click here.

1. Challenge Night

Have a night of team challanges. Examples could be:

  • Paper plane making and throw competition
  • Balloon pop
  • Ping Pong flick
  • Duck! Duck! Goose!
  • Simon Says
  • Wouth you rather…
  • Murder in the dark

2. Disco Night

Kids love to dance and move. Put together a play list of music that they’ll enjoy to groove to. Good activity to tire kids out at the end of a day. Check with the campsite that they have speakers and maybe even a disco ball.

3. Movie Night

Age appropriate videos are a good way to wind down students at the end of a busy day. In conjunction with your camp coordinator, arrange for seats to be set out theatre style. Or students can bring their sleeping bag and pillows into a room and lay snuggled on the floor. Also ask the camp about a dvd player, screen and speakers. You could even organised some popcorn.

4. Talent Quest

Always a great hit with kids. This is an activity that you’ll need to give students warning before they come on camp, so they can prepare their props and organise themselves into groups.

Some students like to perform on their own and others like to be in a group. Let them know what the preference will be. Great opportunity for everyone to show off their creative talents. Why not consider a talent entry by the teachers as well. Always fun for students.

5. Trivia Night

This one is a no-brainer. Kids and adults have a lot of fun with this one. There are lots of online trivia quizzes that are age-appropriate. Questions on geography, science, sport, food and popular culture are always fun. You can put students in teams or they play as individuals.

6. Noah’s Ark

Kids love a giggle about animals. Rules are – you choose a first player who starts with an animal that starts with the the letter “A”, such as an antelope, going into the ark. The next player needs to pick two “B” animals for the ark, such as two baboons. And on it goes. You may need to include birds and insects to helps out the younger kids. Make things even more silly by allowing kids to make up animals of their own.

7. Play music / sing songs

Anyone attednding musically talented? Encourage them to bring their instrument of choice – keyboard, guitar, drum, ukulele, banjo, harmonica and so on. Kids naturally join in when you start humming a tune and they have to guess or sing along with the rest of it. You can also include this as an outdoor night activity of playing and singing around the campfire.

8. Story telling

All camping trips involve some sort of story telling and I’m sure you’ve got your own great memories. It may seem a little old fashioned, but story telling is just as fun now as it was then. I would not recommend ghost stories. Keep them fun, adventurous, curious and interesting. For younger children, tell stories that aren’t going to keep them up all night!

9. Bingo

Yet another game that can appeal to all ages. You can download and print cards from the internet, but this is a good link for templates here. Make sure you have enough sheets for everyone and a marker or a rock or a grain of rice, so they can mark off the numbers / animals / birds or whatever is on your bingo cards. Put the cards into a bowl and ask students to choose one and take a seat.

10. Balloon Basketball

Have each student blow up their own balloon. You can divide students into groups or have them play as individuals. Place a large bin at the end of the room and have students at the other end. Placing the balloon between their knees, they need to balance the balloon while walking to the other end of the room and then place the balloon into the bin without using their hands. To keep the fun going, as teams they need to stand in single file and hold the balloon on their belly, one behind the other. As a group, walk forward without dropping the balloon and when they get to the bin, drop it in.

We hope these help with your stay with us at UC Camping.