How to make scroggin / trail mis is easy and you can personalise to suit yourself. The popular snack for any time but particularly well known for bushwalkers.

In the northern hemisphere it’s called Trail Mix. Here in Australia, it’s popularly called Scroggin. Some people believe scroggin stands for:

  • S – Sultanas
  • C – Chocolate
  • R – Rainsins
  • O – Other / Orange Peel
  • G – Ginger / Grains
  • G – Glucose
  • I – Imagination
  • N – Nuts (well actually no nuts)

Of course, we prefer not to have nuts these day – keep tree nuts, peanuts and sesame products out of your scroggin if anyone is anaphylactic on your trip.

Scroggin recipe

TIP: if you’re making scroggin and the weather is going to be warm to hot, reduce the amount of chocolate in the mix. It tends to melt, the smother all the other contents in chocolate.

Favourites ingredients are:

  • Oven dried pepitas and pumpkin. Then roll them in soy sauce. Takes a littel while but worth the effort.
  • M and M’s or or choc drops used in chocolate chip muffins
  • Jelly beans, snakes, sugar babies
  • A variety of nuts – dates, cashews, walnuts
  • A variety of dried fruit – dates, dried apricots, sultanas
  • Wasabi peas are the new addition to scroggin. Personal choice only.

Scroggin is also handy to just have in your bag or pack for everyday use. Doesn’t just have to be for camp. A small container or dried fruit, pretzels, chocolate and berries are a healthy snack at any time of the day.

Keeping your scroggin in a reusable silicone pouch reduces plastic waste but is also air tight.

For a three day trip, you’ll need a half cup of each of the above. Mix together well. Divide into a couple of silicone pouchesl say one for each day.

For a brief video on making scroggin click here.

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