Stand-up paddleboarding, also known for the acronym SUP, is one of the fastest-growing boardsports in the world. We’ve found it as one of the most popular with groups staying at Merricks Lodge. Consequently, it’s become an integral part of our program in 1st and 4th terms.

SUP is easy to learn and extremely safe. There is a good deal of skill progression such as catching waves, racing or distance paddling – even SUP yoga! The beauty of SUP is that you require no prior experience is required and most people are standing up and paddling in only a few minutes.

Most importantly. for us at Merricks Lodge, our aim is to offer our guests a fun, enjoyable outdoor experience that will hopefully inspire them to try the activity again with their family / friends.

Apart from the board, paddle and buoyancy vest, there is no specialist equipment required. We’ll encourage you to wear sun smart clothing and ‘slip, slop, slap’ from the elements. Similarly, we ask our guests to follow all instructions from the SUP leaders.

All SUP sessions are run by specialist local businesses, who have extensive knowledge on the areas to best paddle and how to manage groups on the water. Their equipment is the most ‘up to date’ and maintained in excellent condition.

Merricks Lodge preferred provider is SUP-Fit and you can find more information about their business here 

SUP as a professional sport

SUP racing has just missed its chance to be included in the Olympics for the Paris 2024 games. In February 2021, there was a list proposed of new sports released. Sports such as wave surfing, appeared at the Games for the first time in Tokyo 2020 (held in 2021), but excludes SUP. The next hope to have Olympic paddleboarding won’t be until Los Angeles in 2028.

As a side note, the wording of SUP varies. It can be StandUp Paddleboarding / stand up paddle boarding / Standup Paddle boarding and many other variations. However, the common term is just SUP. Nice and easy to remember.

Above all, we invite you to come and join us for a session of stand up paddle boarding at Merricks Lodge.

For more information go to Merricks Lodge page here