Narana is a division of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress that is the Aboriginal arm of the Uniting Church in Australia.

The emphasis is on building healthy relationships and developing a shared understanding. The Congress is wholly controlled by Aboriginal people and works with Aboriginal people building self-reliance and a new future.

Narana is a not-for-profit organisation which provides an educational and tourism focussed destination. It is committed to offering a welcoming introduction to today’s’ Indigenous culture. Notwithstanding, Narana seeks to build an understanding of Aboriginal histories and culture in a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This is achieved through personal interaction with groups and individuals from all community backgrounds. Celebrating the world’s oldest living culture, Australia’s shared heritage and dual responsibilities, Narana encourages reconciliation and respect of culture. Consequently, they achieve this through helping to create positive models for engagement and important dialogue around issues of National Reconciliation.

Narana Gallery

​Furthermore, the word “Narana”, means to deeply listen and understand, in which you take in and give out. It is this concept of listening and understanding which underpins Narana’s mission to be a destination for cultural education and tourism activities.  Putting it another way, Narana is the pinnacle of education within the district.

Narana is nestled amongst native trees, walkways, garden and our resident emus is our cultural display and performance building, art gallery, Café Narana and retail outlet. Conversely, the grounds around Narana give you the opportunity to take in some wildlife and gardens.

Most importantly, Narana is a significant attraction on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, entrance is free and they offer free visitor’s programs.


Uncle Vince

Uncle Vince is well known at Narana.He believes there are few things Christians could learn from the First Peoples to make their faith more holistic. You can read more on his connection with click here.

Of course, we invite you to visit Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre which is on Wadawurrung Country. The address is 410 Torquay Road, Grovedale in Victoria.

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