We take reducing waste at Merricks Lodge seriously.

We are all familiar with reducing waste at home, but how do you reduce waste when there can be up to 150 guests at one of our sites?

For several years, Merrick Lodge has been proactive in minimising waste and recycling waste through a concerted effort by all staff.

To begin with, upon arrival, guests are briefed about the different bins and how to use them appropriately. Good signage explains the many diverse ways of recycling.

Around the property, guests have the choice of recycling and general waste bins. As well, in the dining hall, there is an additional soft plastic bin. A staff member volunteers to take this down to a Woolworths who are the only soft plastic disposal place on the Mornington Peninsula.  


The kitchen is also aware of these bins and follow the same system including composting appropriately. We are continually trying to improve this system to make it as simple as possible with our small gardens on site. A herb and vegetable garden was established several years ago and we use this produce in planning our menus.

Some groups go offsite for activities. When this happens, we pack the food in disposable paper bags or re-usable eskies are used.

In addition, if we are purchasing from Woolworths we choose the option of getting food delivered in paper bags instead of plastic.

How far food has travelled is known as its food miles. We aim for as few miles as possible. Choosing foods with fewer food miles helps reduce pollution and protect our planet. Supporting local suppliers not just helps strengthen the community, but reduces food carbon footprint. 

In summary, reducing waste at Merricks Lodge will continue to change and grow over the coming years. We invite guests to help us minimise the impact we all have on the environment. 

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